When is the deadline for submissions?

December 20, 2021.

Do you accept late submissions?

No, we do not.

How can I submit my paper?

Please email your submission as an MSWord document, to the editors at historymatters@appstate.edu.
For additional information, see Submissions.

How can I contact the editorial staff with questions or comments?

We welcome inquiries, suggestions, and correspondence through by email: historymatters@appstate.edu.

If I revise my paper or do additional research, am I guaranteed publication?

No paper is guaranteed publication until the entire editorial process has been completed and the Editor-in-chief has made the final decision. Papers are anonymously reviewed by both the student editorial board and two faculty members. We often request multiple revisions of papers that are selected for publication.

How much time is allotted for revisions?

Authors may spend up to two weeks on requested revisions. This process may take place more than once.

Do I have to be attending a four-year college or university in order to submit?

Yes, we only accept papers from current undergraduate students attending four-year colleges or universities.

If I have already graduated, can I submit a paper that I wrote as an undergraduate?

No, we only accept papers from current undergraduates unless your graduation date falls in December (see below).

If I graduate in December, can I still submit a paper?

Yes, if you are an undergraduate student attending a four-year college or university whose December graudation ceremony occurs before the journal's December submission deadline in a given year, you may submit your undergraduate paper.

How long do papers have to be?

We accept papers with anywhere from 10 to 50 complete pages in current Chicago style formatting.

How many sources should I have?

This is a scholarly journal. While there is no exact source requirement, a good history paper requires enough sources (especially primary sources) to prove your thesis. If we believe you don't have sufficient evidence to support your argument, your paper will likely not be selected.

Can I submit more than one paper?

We only accept one submission per author for each publication.

Are you looking for papers that cover specific topics or time periods?

No, we welcome historical research from all fields, from all eras, and from any region of the world.

What is the Chicago Manual of Style?

It is the gold standard for formatting and citing in historical research papers. For more information, please visit the Chicago Manual of Style online or consult a hard copy at your library.

Who publishes History Matters?

The journal is published by the Appalachian State Universiy Department of History.

Is History Matters edited by students or professors?

Most of the editorial work is done by students. The Faculty Editorial Board provides valuable input and helps the journal maintain rigorous academic standards. However, all final publication decisions are made by the Editor-in-chief, who is a student.

Are you affiliated with other "History Matters" websites?

No, we are not. Some other websites use "History Matters" either in their title or their purpose, but we are an independently run journal. Our full name is History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research.