Vol. 7 (2010): History Matters - Spring 2010

The seventh annual issue of History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research was published in May 2010 by the Department of History at Appalachian State University. Four research papers were selected for publication from the sixty-nine submissions received. Forty-four colleges and universities participated from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Also included are book reviews written by the editorial staff.

Editor: Alison Shea, Associate Editors: Robert Mason and Paige Badame, Assistant Editor: Megan Northcote, Contributing Editors: Kenneth Barton, Benjamin Lynch, Will Schultz, and Jake Wellman, Faculty Editorial Board: Dr. Lucinda McCray Beier, Dr. Rennie Brantz, Dr. Rene Harder Horst, Dr. Lisa Holliday, Dr. W. Scott Jessee, Dr. Michael Krenn, Dr. Sheila Phipps, Dr. David Reid, and Dr. Timothy Silver.

The staff would like to thank Dr. Michael Behrent, Dr. Edward Behrend-Martinez, Dr. Antonio Bly, Dr. Birsen Bulmus, Dr. Jari Eloranta, Dr. Lynne Getz, Dr. Jeremiah Kitunda, and Dr. Michael Turner for their participation in the editorial process.

Research Papers
"The Day Which Will Fix My Future Destiny": Courtship, Marriage, and the Companionate Ideal in Early Republican America 
By Rachel Walker, Ithaca College

Herd Behavior During the Popish Plot of 1678-1681: An Examination of Crowd Hysteria and English Anti-Catholicism 
By Angelica Garcia, Senior, Rollins College

Politics, Trade, and Diplomacy: The Anglo-Ottoman Relationship, 1575-1699 
By Maria Blackwood, Yale University

Quel Horreur!: Violence in Reformation France 
By Christopher McFadin, Marquette University

Book Reviews
Albuquerque Remembered 
Jake Wellman, University of New Mexico

Cherokee Removal: Before and After 
Kenneth E. Barton III, Hampton University

Glazed America: A History of the Doughnut 
Will Schultz, University of North Carolina

School Resegregation: Must the South Turn Back? 
Benjamin W. Lynch, Wake Forest University

Published: 2010-05-01

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